Drawing challenge update: I’m getting closer to… something.

Here are the pieces I made this week. Are they still called “pieces if they’re in a sketchbook?” On Friday I hit on something that I really loved, monochrome painting. Basically I chose one watercolour tube (rose madder) and used that alone. I loved it so much on Friday that I did it on Saturday and Sunday, too. I don’t know where exactly I’m going with it, but I’m going to keep it up and see what happens! I’m switching up the colour for tomorrow, though. I love rose madder, but I’m excited to play with Prussian blue.

On Sunday I cranked out TWO pieces! I painted the cute pink pigeon, and I made a second run at a portrait. The first attempt a couple of weeks ago was trash. I rushed it and ended up overworking the paper so that the skin looked weird and bubbled. I think this second try turned out so much better! Not perfect, but progress. I made a speed paint video of the portrait of my friend, Russ for my YouTube channel. Check it out!

It was a crazy busy and creative weekend and I feel like I’m getting closer to some sort of style refinement…. or something… I don’t really know, I can’t explain it but it’s good I think!

I hope you have a wonderful week. Go make something, any little thing!



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