Here’s what I drew last week

I had a lot of ups and downs this week on my creative journey. I was absolutely thrilled with my portrait of six-year-old Crighton painting with watercolors. His mom had sent me a picture of him painting after he asked if he could use watercolors like me. *my heart!*


Then I tried to paint a portrait of a friend of mine and it was going well until it wasn’t. That was a late night. I realized by about 10:30 pm that my portrait was not going to cut it, and I needed to start something new in order to finish anything that I’d be willing to count as my drawing for that day.  I had a mini melt down on my Instagram Stories before I scrapped it and aggressively painted some more flowers. Back to my comfort zone for safety! It worked, though. The resulting pink flowers on a deep pink-red wash showed me one of my new favorite color palettes, and I think I finished with about 15 minutes to spare.

On Thursday I illustrated my favorite art supplies on a pink watercolor background to use for business cards, and on Sunday I spent some time illustrating things I’m really loving right now. The list includes small things, like coffee and a new and growing online art community, and bigger things like my new winter coat.

The interest in what I’m sharing on Instagram is… well… interesting. When I share something that I like but don’t particularly think is “my style” or something that I’m particularly attracted to, the response is always much more positive than if I post something  more stylized or aesthetically my taste. I’ve been looking more into marketing on Instagram and the whole thing is confusing. And it’s really hard as an artist not to take things personally, like when something I really love that I put a lot of emotion into gets less attention than a boring (IMO) still life of some vegetables… But I think I want to write a whole post on this now that I think about it.

Any way, I’ve been rambling for far too long. I hope you enjoyed the drawings this week! I feel like I’ve already learned a lot and I’m less than a month in!

See you next week,


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