Drawing challenge update, shop update, and a new YouTube video!

Happy Sunday! I hope wherever you’e reading this from is having better weather than Vancouver right now. It is definitely a stay-cozy-inside day today. I will hand it to our rainy climate, it does wonders for my productivity at times.

This week I want to share with you my first week of my 365 drawing challenge, my plans for the challenge going forward, an update to my Redbubble shop, and a new YouTube video! Phew! If any of that is of interest to you then keep on reading.

The drawing challenge

Week 1 of 52

I made it through the first week with flying colours! I may only be a week in, but the psychological benefits of this challenge have been noticeable. I’m must less grumpy in general, I’m actually excited to get out of bed during the week, and going to my day job isn’t as hard as it was before I started. While I am not necessarily seeing any major skill improvements yet, these mood changes are welcome and valuable.

Take a look at what I came up with this week!


So far I’ve been lucky in that I haven’t had a hard time coming up with things to draw, but I know that inspiration only lasts so long when I’m not limited by any sort of constraints and am free to draw anything under the sun. So I’ve decided that starting next month I’m going to implement themes to jump off from. The themes are framed by things that I want to improve on as well, win-win!

Drawing themes for 2018

  1. January: Free-for-all / Anything goes
  2. February: Flowers and quotes (to be submitted to the Sketchbook Project – more on that later this month)
  3. March: Animals
  4. April: Ocean life
  5. May: MerMay
  6. June: Insects
  7. July: Urban sketching
  8. August: Hands and faces
  9. September: Bodies and poses
  10. October: Inktober
  11. November: Food
  12. December: A retrospective, recreating my favourites from the year to see how much I’ve improved (I’m really excited for this)

What do you think of this list? Do you think anything is missing? Leave a comment on this post to let me know!

Redbubble shop update!

Last weekend I painted this Tamagotchi and troll doll because I wanted them as stickers. This weekend I finally found the time to scan them and upload them! Check them out on my Redbubble shop.


If you happen to purchase them I’d appreciate any feedback on how to improve my uploads. I’m still figuring out the best way to edit the files so any suggestions are hugely appreciated.

New (bonus) YouTube video!

I took Friday off work which meant I had time to film and edit a video in time to publish this weekend! My new video schedule is every two weeks, so this one is a bonus. I hope you like it!

See you next week!


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